How do I celebrate Halloween

What I do in Halloween is that I wear scary masks and got to trick-or-treating with my friends.hallowwn is fun because you can get a lot of candy but some states don’t let teenagers to trick-or-treating because some kids want candy and they can’t get any because teenagers are big.

7 thoughts on “How do I celebrate Halloween

  1. Hi Abde!
    I do the same thing for Halloween! However, I usually wear a costume and not a mask. What were you for Halloween this year?!

  2. Your was good but your punctuation was ok you didn’t capitalize after your period, and some states don’t because they are going around collecting money

  3. Nice post, I am a Muslim so I don’t celebrate Halloween, but love eating candy, I usually go out and buy some candy on Halloween so that I don’t feel left out on all the candy-eating.

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